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Patient Stories

Live every day to the fullest…

How do I even begin to thank you for giving me my life back? Words seem so inadequate. After eight years of horrible pain I am once gain excited to begin every day. I can’t fit enough in. It’s just so wonderful to go to the gym, run around shopping and meet with friends – LIVE! I live to live everyday to the fullest! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

MK (Branford, CT)

After seeing six other surgeons…

After seeing six other surgeons and doing six months of research three and a half years ago, I decided to have an extensive spinal fusion which was done by Dr. David Kramer. The surgery was unbelievably successful. Post surgically, I have even begun gardening for the first time in my life. I am pain free and have my life back for which I am eternally grateful.

MG (Guilford, CT)

Up and dancing…

I want to thank everyone at Connecticut Neck & Back Specialists for all the support and kindness shown to me during the time before and after my back surgery. The entire staff is courteous and efficient. I had already been to two doctors, two physical therapy offices and a chiropractor. As soon as I met Dr. Bomback and his staff, I felt for the first time that I was going to be OK. I was lucky to be able to have a fusion scheduled within a week of that first visit and now, 1 ½ years later, I am completely better, with no pain and no disability. On my first post-op visit, I told him I wanted to be able to dance again, and he said I would. This summer, having forgotten that conversation, I was at an outdoor rock concert, and I suddenly realized that I was up and dancing. I felt a shiver and had some tears, as I still do when I realize how lucky I am and how grateful I am for getting my life back. Thank you!!

ES (Danbury, CT)

Fully ambulatory and self sufficient…

Just a brief note of thanks for the support you extended to my mother. The surgery you carried out in December 2006 was highly successful and mother experienced great relief. She is fully ambulatory and self sufficient. I am very pleased with her progress and I am delighted to give you this very favorable report. Thank you again for your care, your concern and your fine work.

FS (Asheville, NC)

A light at the end of the tunnel…

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so kind and patient with me. Your staff is so helpful and considerate. After being in pain every day for so long, I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much; may God bless you and your staff.

MW (Southbury, CT)

You Rock!…

You Rock! I am pain free for the first time since January. So far so good; that injection hit the target. Most appreciatively,

JL (Middlebury, CT)

I was in such intolerable pain…

First and foremost, Dr. Kramer, I thank you for saving my life. Because I was in such intolerable pain, life held no meaning for me. I was very uncertain and unsure of doctors, especially since my last back operation performed elsewhere had gone so horribly wrong. I knew when I looked into your eyes that you could and would help me; you are truly what a doctor stands for and sadly you do not find that too often anymore. Once again, thank your for saving me; your staff is wonderful.

LI (Southbury, CT)

No pain.

For one year I tried to treat my leg discomfort. Nothing helped. Dr. Bomback said he could operate and the leg pain would go away with a discectomy. I jumped at the chance but was definitely afraid; in the end, quality of life overruled. When I awoke after surgery, I stretched my leg out and…NO PAIN. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

DT (New Milford, CT)

I never thought the day would come where I’d smile again…

I thank you and your associates from the bottom of my heart for the care you’ve given me over the past two years. Back then I never thought the day would come where I’d smile again and look forward to the future. But, thanks to you, it has happened. You are the only one of three heroes that I’ve had in my lifetime and you’re forever in my prayers. You make it better for so many.

KP (Southbury, CT)

My life is near perfect…

Post surgically my life is near perfect! I thank you for your knowledge, wisdom and skills. Your staff went beyond all expectations; wonderful, awesome, spectacular job! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

AJ (Danbury, CT)

Superior medical expertise…

My contact with Connecticut Neck & Back Specialists has been more than satisfactory. After investigating my discomfort conservatively, I underwent a spinal fusion, relieving my long standing, chronic sciatica and lumbar pain. The surgery has healed beautifully. In addition to the superior medical expertise, the office as a whole has been supportive and friendly since my first visit.

JS (Southbury, CT)

Because of what happened to my back…

Because of what happened to my back I lost all the wonderful parts of my life that I loved doing. You have given them back to me. Thank you.1`

ES (Bethel, CT)

It’s a miracle…

I just wanted to write to thank you, as my daughter had her last appointment on June 26th 2008 and is 100% recovered. Your staff was very professional and always pleasant to deal with. My daughter played freshman softball; she is really happy and looks perfect; the operation was more than successful. I keep saying to myself that it’s a miracle to see the before and after results of the scoliosis operation.

JB (Brookfield, CT)

Job well done…

I just wanted to say thanks for a job well done. I’ve healed beautifully and am so much more comfortable now. You’re the man!!

CD (New Britain, CT)

A literal life saver.

Dear Dr. Bomback:
You have saved the life of my mother and our family. Not only is she lucky to be alive, but my mom’s quality of life has been transformed back to how it should be, thanks to the remarkable work of you and your partner. Words can never be enough to explain our gratitude. Your expertise, intelligence, care and bedside manner are beyond compare. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and the top of my mother’s spine. Every time she beeps at airport security, we’ll think of you!

ES (New Milford, CT)

New lease on life.

Dr. Bomback gave me a new lease on life; after suffering for many years with spinal stenosis. Today I am pain free and standing up straight! Life is Good!

EG (Kent, CT)

The decision to have surgery was an easy one…

To Dr. Kramer and his wonderful staff,

Thank you all for treating me with such gentle care and respect. It’s just what a person in pain needs. Dr. Kramer, you are the most honest and nurturing Doctor that I have ever met! Because of you, the decision to have surgery was an easy one. Thank you so very much for caring.

ET (Cornwall Bridge, CT)

Thank you for giving me my life back.

In March 2008 I was referred to Dr. Bomback for treatment to relieve constant back pain. I had trouble walking and was having difficulty standing straight. Following surgery by Dr. Bomback, the pain is gone, I can walk without leaning and I feel like a new person. Thank you for giving me my life back.

TM (Danbury, CT)

Thanks for making those “Golden Years” a little brighter!

Dear Dr, Kramer and Staff:

Thank you so much for giving me back my “whole husband”; one that I can take long walks with, one that isn’t looking around for a place to sit, one that can enjoy workouts at the Y, one that is looking forward to a game of golf and a walk on the beach when the weather gets a little warmer. Thanks for making those “Golden Years” a little brighter!

LA (Newtown, CT)

The kindness and compassion I received meant so much.

Just a short note to thank you for the good care you gave me. The kindness and compassion I received meant so much…and I’m sure will help in my recovery. I felt so well cared for and I thank you. Keep up the good work.

CS (Roxbury, CT)

Ten years have passed since the fusion…pain free ever since.

It’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed since the fusion. Suffice to say that I have been pain free ever since. In fact this past summer my son and I backpacked with 40 lbs each for 100 miles on the Wonderland Trail around the base of Mt Rainier! I have read the testimonials on your website and wish to add mine as well. Best regards.

TD (South Salem, NY)