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Patient Stories

Thank you again for your God Given talent…

Dear Dr. Bomback:

On November 3, 2008 you operated on my back. I can’t believe it has been 10 years already. Since it is the 10-year anniversary, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the great job you did. To this day I am still pain free and I will be forever grateful. I hope you and your family are doing well. Thank you again for your God Given talent and for being my Top Doctor.

AD (Stratford, CT)

After forty nine years of pain…

After forty nine years of pain from my tail bone I finally found a doctor that helped. I had seen several doctors over the years, went to physical therapy, had injections, you name it; I tried with no relief. I am now pain free for the first time in all these years. I feel wonderful. I can sit down. That sounds like nothing to most people but for me it is something that has caused me pain all my life. NOT ANY MORE. Thank you Dr. Bomback. Job well done!!!!

GC (Bethel, CT)

I have nothing but praise for you and your staff.

Dear Dr. Kramer,

I would like to express my thanks to you and your staff for the wonderful treatment I received in your office as a patient. I have nothing but praise for you and your staff.

Because I live out of town, it became difficult for me to make all of my arrangements. However, your staff made it very easy for me to help solve all of my problems. I have never been treated as wonderful in any office as I was in yours. From the time you enter the door, everyone is so pleasant. It was necessary to make a lot of calls to and from Atlanta; there was never a time that I did not receive an answer back from your staff; you are very fortunate. Perhaps it stems from the fact that you are a nice person. Every doctor should be like you; keep up the good work. Thank you again.

BC (Atlanta, GA)

By the time I left the hospital, I was pain free.

Dear Dr. Bomback,

After years of increasing leg pain due to my spinal stenosis; and having undergone every possible alternative therapy on the planet, I finally came to the realization that my only route out was to endure surgery. With your open and kind manner, and your extremely competent surgical skills, I have discovered that “endure” was an unnecessary and exaggerated word to have used.

By the time I left the hospital, I was pain free; within the first few weeks post-surgery, I began taking walks. Just four months later, I have now registered for the upcoming Breast Cancer 3 day, 60 mile walk in Boston and know that, for the first time in 3 years I will be able to easily complete the distance.

I thank you and your caring staff for all that you have done for me.

CJC (Newtown CT)

High level of care, exceptional “customer service” and superb skill…

I am so consistently extremely impressed Dr. Kramer; I just love everything about you and your stellar group in its entirety. Never have I found such a high level of care, exceptional “customer” service and superb skill from each and every staff member in any group that I’ve ever worked with in CT, MA, NY, and RI. Beyond yours and Dr. Bomback’s incredible skills, each and every one of your staff gives me and the patients I bring to you both, exceptional service and make us feel very valued. You have woven the best tapestry of people, Chief! They should all be very proud and feel appreciated as I am so very grateful!

LA (Agawam, MA)

I must let you know how this new X-Stop Procedure really worked…

Dear Dr. Bomback,

I must let you know how this new X-Stop Procedure really worked. I had been in such pain all over, but not anymore. First thing I was aware of was no pain when sleeping; those screaming cramps were gone, and now I wake up in the morning being able to stretch my legs and arms without pain. I can open windows, kneel, lift, pull; all the things I need to do were made possible having this fantastic procedure. You even gave me back an inch in height. I had been having trouble urinating; now no problem. It’s so wonderful to be able to use this body fully without pain. I love and need to be active; you gave life back to me. What a gift to humanity. God bless.

JB (Newtown, CT)

Being in the Medical field…

I was more nervous about the recovery associated with a two-level laminectomy than the surgery itself. Dr. Kramer and his PA answered all of my questions with no time pressure and I felt well prepared for the surgery. They did a fantastic job and continued to be available for questions during my recovery. It has been 9 weeks post-op and I am back at work and feeling better than I could have ever imagined. Being in the Medical field, I have dealt with many offices and this is one of the most professional and caring offices that I have seen!

MB (Norwalk CT)

When the pain became greater than my fear of back surgery, my internist recommended I see you…

This letter is to thank you for enabling me to continue to act like an 18 year old (even though I am 65). Before visiting you I had severe and debilitating lower back pain for over five years. My fear of having “back surgery” caused me to try virtually every other possible remedy, including acupuncture in China.

When the pain became greater than my fear of back surgery, my internist recommended I see you. Every contact I had with you was pleasant. You were straight-forward, honest and caring. It is now almost one year since the surgery and I have resumed activities I never thought I would do again. Best regards.

PE (Mount Kisco, NY)

Respect for others…

Dear Dr. Kramer,

As I am writing this letter, Mom is very near death due to irreversible heart failure. Mom wanted me to let you know how grateful she is for the intensively compassionate care you provided.

I will always have the ultimate respect for you, both as a person and as a physician. More than anyone I’ve ever met in healthcare, you create a trust in your patients which was palpable in every exam room I entered with you. I believe this trust is generated by your fairness, honesty, compassion, but most of all your respect for others.

DG (New Milford, CT)

Your integrity and honesty kept me from having unnecessary back surgery…

Dear Dr. Bomback,

I must thank you again for your patience in treating the stenosis and your acuity in recognizing the fact that it was not the cause of the severe pain. Your integrity and honesty kept me from having unnecessary back surgery and directed me to the hip surgeon. How very grateful I am. My prayer for you is that you stay well and continue in a practice that is successful for you and your patients. Highest regards.

MF (Cheshire, CT)

Ever so responsive…

I find it difficult to express in words, the kindness, graciousness, and just plain pleasantness I have experienced since the initial call to the office. The very first call I made was met with such warmth and genuine concern that was such a refreshing introduction to what was to come.

Upon my first visit, every single person I met upon entering the office, right up to one of the most caring concerned physicians I have ever encountered in my many long years of doctors visits, was helpful, informative, knowledgeable and ever so responsive; it has been such a comforting experience, even with receiving the most unpleasant diagnosis. I would like to share with the doctor and all of his staff just how grateful, thankful and thoroughly comforted I have been with their caring professionalism.

TT (Redding, CT)

True to your promise…

Dear Dr. Kramer,

In going over my mental list of what I have to be thankful for this year, my thoughts go first to you and all your efforts on my behalf. With days and months filled mostly with pain, I really didn’t see a very bright picture for the future. You offered me some hope and, true to your promise, you saw me through surgery. For the first time in many years I’m looking forward to the future and hopefully a life filled with more good days and much less pain.

My heart felt thanks for helping me. You are ever so special and you’ll remain in my prayers and my heart forever.

KP (Southbury, CT)

Wonderful care…

Dear Dr. Bomback,

My husband and I want to thank you for the wonderful care you’ve given him. It’s rare to get the “whole package”- expertise in a surgeon who’s compassionate, professional and a gentleman all in one! That’s you! Thanks for everything.

TC (Waterbury, CT)

Words cannot express…

I had seen another doctor for 4 ½ months without results. I called your office to make an appointment to see either you or your physician assistant. Within the week, I saw your physician assistant; you both reviewed my scans and X-Rays and stated you could help me. I underwent an L 4-5 fusion with great success. I had no pain after the third day of surgery.

My words cannot express or say how “great” it was to find a wonderful doctor and physician assistant who gave me relief. I will always be grateful to you both.

JP (Danbury, CT)

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