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Lumbar Microdiscectomy

Herniated Disc Surgery or Microdiscectomy

What is a Microdiscectomy? 

A microdiscectomy, or herniated disc surgery, is the most common procedure performed in spinal surgery. A second opinion is helpful in deciding the technique that is best for you.

When and how is this procedure performed? 

Commonly referred to as herniated disc surgery, a microdiscectomy is the most common procedure performed in spinal surgery. The surgery involves removing a portion of the disc that is pushing on the nerve. It is performed from a posterior approach, either in the cervical spine or lumbar spine and can be done in a mini-open fashion or minimally invasive manner.

Is this procedure effective? 

To date, both techniques have proven to be equally effective and both are considered the standard of care. The procedure is used to treat nerve symptoms such as arm or leg pain, numbness, and/or weakness. Success rates usually exceed 90% for this procedure and patients should have a relatively normal return to function after six weeks. Herniated disc surgery may also be referred to as a microdiscectomy procedure.